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Strategic Planning Workshop

a) Introduction
Effective corporate governance is guided by strategic business plan and the ensuing policies including management procedures. Hence many modern business enterprises are increasingly redefining and reshaping their strategies to improve performance, goal achievement and productivity. The production goals and services of a high quality in line with client needs and wants is optimally realized when all the stakeholders pull all their resources and energies in the same direction. Clear vision, focused mission, strategic objectives and targets help to marshal the available resources to achieve the predetermined outputs. This is the key aim of a corporate business strategic plan.
b) Objectives
At the end of the training, participants will have:

  • Appreciated the rationale for developing and working with or applying a strategic plan to achieve objectives.
  • Understood philosophy and the basic components and steps in drawing a strategic plan
  • Understood the reasons to determine direction and time-frame for strategic planning.
  • Known critical roles that organizational players and actors play in creating ownership of organizational plan, resources and outputs.

 c) Content

  • Developing a corporate business strategy including setting and agreeing on SMARTER objectives
  • Analysing environmental and institutional factors as well as stakeholder roles and relationships
  • Identifying the business challenges
  • Strategic planning framework.
  • Results framework.
  • Preferred future.
  • Strategic action planning.
  • Finalizing a strategic plan.
  • Implementing and monitoring strategic plans.
  • Conclusion and evaluation.

 d) Delivery strategies

  • Presentation
  • Data analysis
  • Group activities
  • Case analysis.

e) Target group
Planning officers, Finance Managers, Marketing staff, corporate managers, General Managers, Directors, HOD’s etc.

f) Expected outputs
At the end of the training the participants will have new or modified skills, updated knowledge and work competencies and modified attitudes to work and the employer. They will appreciate the impact of business ownership and the rationale of strategic planning and being clear on goals, measurable objectives towards target achievement

g) Duration: 3 days (Actual duration will depend on client needs)

h) Status: (Open or tailor-made interventions)

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