Leading Edge Consulting

Leading Edge Consulting

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Training Programmes

Training Focus and Purpose

While working with our clients, it is obvious they continually experience the challenges of managing their resources and the need for better strategies to improve management performance and productivity in line with their set goals and objectives.
We also note that corporate governance requires enhancement in various respects including accountability, leadership, and control and stakeholder involvement.

Our Training Approach

We base our human resource development interventions on relevant needs of the participants. Such needs reflect shortfalls in work skills, general working competencies, behavioural traits and attitudes, relevant work knowledge and corporate business information.
In regard to open courses, we use available information, reports as well as prior performance in like-minded organizations to determine relevant training content. At the beginning of a training event we get a basic knowledge of the participant’s expectations and tailor these into the training episodes in each module or course event.
In case of tailor-made or customized training interventions the client allows for pre-training assessment in order to craft the course content, the techniques and the dynamics of both learning and facilitation to achieve maximum learning and resolution of the known shortcomings, gaps and impediments in skills, knowledge, behaviour and work-related information as well as work processes.
Our training approach therefore creates focus, relevance, value for money and satisfaction to the customer at large.

Our Competencies and Capabilities

Leading Edge Consulting is the capacity building and development arm of Scribe Services Registrars Limited. Under this arrangement there are both corporate/institutional and individual capabilities and competencies that support our initiatives in human resources development, management, review, evaluation, procurement and planning.
A wide range of competencies and strategic skills are also available in organizational review, strategic planning and consultancies in a variety of disciplines. In this regard the following staff members are the core team that supports our programmes. They are backed by a half dozen part-time associate consultants who are engaged on need basis.

Contact Us

  • 20th floor, Lonrho House, Standard Street
  • Office: +254 20 2249 100/11
  • Mobile: +254 720 021 253
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